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XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP Release!

As promised, the XNA team has implemented Zune compatibility in XNA Game Studio! This Community Technical Preview has Zune version 1 and 2 compatibility for 2D games, but the CTP cannot deploy Xbox360 games.

However, XNA for the Zune features access to the users music and Zune ad-hoc wireless network play! It also shows some of the new features to expect in Game Studio 3.0 like:

  • Visual Studio 2008: (Actually, Visual Studio 2005 compatibility is gone for 3.0, but 3.0 can coexist with 2.0)
  • Better Sound API: The content pipeline allows wavefiles to be added directly to the content project (without all the XAP fun)

All in all this release is a sneak preview of whats to come this Holiday season 2008 and something for the Zune owners to play around with :)

Get it at creators.xna.com.